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Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 4:15 PM


My name is Alex of FICO Power & Money Consultants
and we have helped people stop overpaying companies
like Lexington law firm and others!

We put the power back in your hands by showing you
how this Spring/Summer will be the best EVER for you...


by having a 740 FICO, making money and having FUN
doing it!

We are FICO Power and Money Consultants

How To Turn Bad Credit Frustration into Summer Fun,
Money a 740 FICO

(( "If you experience embarrassment and ridicule because
of bad credit then its not your fault." ))
Let me ask you this...

Have you been consistently in the low 400s or 500s
in FICO power for years and years?

Do you hate being and feeling STUCK seeing others
DRIVE what you want?, LIVE where you want?, BUY
what you want?

Do you have a silent frustration/desperation heavy
weight on your shoulders because of your future
dimming day after day living with bad credit?

If you answered yes then boy, has God finally answered
your prayers.

We have the system that has worked for 152 others now
in the last 3 IT WORKS.

*Fast system to get you from where you are to a 740 FICO in weeks

*A dedicated coach assigned to you to help you through the process

*A system to 'make money' every month to enjoy this summer in the
shopping, driving what you want and the joy of having a 740 FICO

*A better system than Lexington Law Firm provides to get you your
credit dream that you desire

*State of the Art Credit Software that automatically drafts up the
information needed.

*Possibly replace your current job in 3 to 6 weeks after learning how
to make money online with a business YOU control.


We have been where you are and got the 740 FICO
scores, luxury homes, luxury cars, far distance exotic
travel, etc.

We are not some trust fund attorneys who never been
Broke or deep in the dumps! Everyone one my team
has! and we used this information to RISE out

We guarantee the credit FICO you want (740) and that
you will make money and make this the BEST SUMMER
EVER!...with good credit and Money to spend / invest with

then its a FOOL-PROOF system we got that almost 2,317
other people in different countries can attest too!


Send me a email or just call/text.
-----83281939 ZERO FOUR


"I am a high net worth individual looking to
buy a yacht and was in need a of a few points
improvement in my credit to get the best rate.
Alex of 740 FICO Power & Money Consultants
was very helpful, explained the process of
improvement and was able to exceed my expectations.
I was able to get the best possible rate on my
loan thanks to Alex's assistance."

Adel L.
Washington D.C.


"Alex helped to restore my credit like I never would
have imagined. I saw results in as little as 3 months.
After almost four months my low score in the 400's
went up to 753. I would highly recommend him to anyone
in need of credit repair.

Marisol G.
United Kingdom


Dear 740 FICO Power & Money Consultants, It has
been a pleasure having you improve my credit scores with
your hard work and persistence. Some of the items that
were removed from my report I could not have done myself.
You also gave me valuable information that will help
keep my scores higher in the future. I would recommend
your company to anyone who needs this type of service.Thanks,

Brent Sams
South Carolina


Working with Alex was great. Not only did my scores go
up significantly, it was done without a lot of hassle.
Alex took care of everything and kept me in the
loop whenever work was done on my file. If you are looking
to improve your credit the easy way, then this is the
way to go.

`D. Berger
Los Angeles, CA


Alex T

P.P.S. Did I mention that if you are the first of 30 people to contact us for this offer, you will get an additional 20% off? Find out now if you're one of the lucky ones.

New Discovery! Luxury Car,No PG Funding, 780 FICO, 25k in 10 days NOW. (Queens)
image 1 of 5
Here is the Updated Ad (09-09-2017). You can get
started with the car program, solid package, or go

with the pay as you go option which would entail paying
for each service individually versus the above packages.

Have a great day.

Alex T

I have personally used to this same information I'm offering to you to get:

(1) a 2017 BMW M6 (you don't have to get a BMW),
(2) 780FICO score,
(3) Business Line of Credit for $120,000 (no PG),
(4) Free iPhone7 and Samsung Note,
(5) $1,500 in 2 credit cards (within a two weeks of my new profile),
(6) Documents Verification (can create "any" doc needed),
(7) Macys Store card and Platinum catalog store card (builds extra trade on credit),
(8) New credit profile (all 3 bureaus protected),
(9) Cash on cash internet business (to help with new payments from things purchased with newly established good credit).
(10) 3k credit card
(11) Social Security Card front and back (in color)

1.) Text now 832-819-390Four - for LINK FOR

*4450 clients approved for up to 1k credit card (200 approved for new 3k card)
*22w06 people have received new cars up to $62,000 with no money down/no payment for 3-4 months (with no credit)
*2222 clients with new bank accounts
*3379 clients with credit scores over 680 and counting
*2856 clients in internet business making money daily
*1867 clients approved for business/personal lines (ranging from $5,000 - $45,000)

EVERYTHING BELOW** EXCEPT: "actual ss card, 3k card, and car program, and business credit eBook." **either or service for credit/store cards. CAR

PROGRAM IS SEPARATE. (Money back guarantee.)**

**Car Purchase Program: - Direct approval/paperwork/dealerships connection to go to get a car or luxury car with no money down with no payments for 90

days. Call for more information.-----------------{VALUE $1,499} (payment plan accepted)

~How long will it take? (6 days or less, could be 2 or 3 days. Depends on You)
SOLID PROGRAM AND BONUSES (price for this program below is $499)

*Credit Card Program DS or VISA: We have created a program dealing with a certain credit card up to $1,000, applying using FICO software to get our

approvals and providing documentation (if needed). We provide this.(this is included in solid program)----------------{VALUE $199 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (5 days)

*2nd Credit Card AMEX or MC: We have created a program dealing with another credit card for up to $500 (this is included in solid program) and another

which is our 3rd card that is a 3k card. Ranges from 2-3k. (not included in solid program/separate). These cards is proven and works.----------------{VALUE

$199 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (5 days)

*Your Own 24hr Business: Get Paid DAILY the internet marketing way! Have your own business where you get your own website, back office, company

support, and conference calls and have the ability to earn an extra $3,000 a month or more helping people learn about how to get in better financial shape.

(this is included in solid program)-------------{VALUE $150 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (Immediately)

*Documentation: This is important. When you get your new profile you will need documentation of your address, ss#, license, etc. We have the computer

software to prove your new address, number, license, etc. to verify that it is your new profile.(this is included in solid program)----------------{VALUE $75-$150

if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (2hrs)

*Social Security Card(s): We have two forms of cards. One that comes "in color" SS Official (front and back) (this is included in solid program) and the

actual card mailed to you (not included in solid program/separate). Professionally done, accurate.----------------{VALUE $150-actual card $450 if sold

separately} -- How long will it take? (1hr/3days for actual card)

*Credit Secrets E-books!: 3 free eBooks we send which show you the "do's and don'ts" of how to use this ss# you now have and the other 2 books show

you how to build your ss# to 700+ and other credit cards that will work once you apply. It's free. (this is included in solid program)-------------VALUE $125 if

sold separately} -- How long will it take? (Immediately)

*PDA/Smart Phones: 1-5 free phones *best of the best!* (iPhones, Samsung, Droid, Moto, etc.) you get these phones after the credit card is

attained. It's free. (this is included in solid program)--------- VALUE $225 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (4 days)

*Trade line(s): In addition to the 1 or 2 credit cards, we get for you there is a 3rd credit card which is store card limit up to $600 (i.e. MACYS, BP Gas, etc.)

where you purchase small items and build up a debt that appears as a trade on your credit to boost payment 'history.'-(this is included in solid

program)--------------{VALUE $150 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (4 days)

*Corporate/Personal Line of Credit Program: We have several partners that have funded or are in the process of funding our clients. Up to 150k for the

funding. Call for more info. We also have program for 25k in 10 days based on your new profile that you have or we create. (this is included in solid

program)----------------{VALUE $349 - $2,500 if sold separately}. -- How long will it take? (8-10 wks/10 days for 25k)

*Business Credit eBook: Find out how to get business credit of 175k in 3-6 months! No PG with some banks but not all with this eBook.---------------------

{Value $89 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (Immediately)

*New Credit Profile: SCN number with tri merge completed along with trade line(s) mentioned above that are put in place step by step. (this is included in

solid program)-------VALUE $199 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (2hrs)

*Personal Coaching: Coaching from us via phone, us mailings and email newsletters for 90 days on how to you to BUILD a 700+ fico score which you will

generate just by the trades that we put on your file (which are in Your Name and mentioned above.).-----------------{VALUE $150 if sold separately} -- How long will it take? (Immediately)

SOLID Program is $499. We charge "half' down $249 and the other half after the 1st credit card approval. That's only fair, and then move on with the rest of

the program. Refer anyone to program and get paid $$$ the same day!

CAR Program: (Price) $1,499. Call us for payment plan details for those who qualify.

Just call in to verify what you need. Solid Program OR Car Program OR Services you want sold separately.

*Refer 3 people and get in for FREE! (Call for specifics)
*Resell & get up to $150 paid SAME DAY!

With Solid program, you are paying us to get you a few of the 12+ services offered. Everything we are selling we have used ourselves and have proof.

Updated Ad (09-09-2017).. You can get started with the car program, solid package, or go with the pay as you go option which would entail paying for each

service individually versus the above packages.

Have a great day.

Alex T


Quit struggling. There's a better way.

Here's how to shift gears and get the
results you deserve in ANY business.

Text/Call me now!! 832-819-390four

P.S. It's a shame for you not to make
lots of money while living with good credit
from home when others do it so easily.

Quit making it hard on yourself. Let me
show you how Top Producers work differently
from the Grinders.

Text/Call me now!! 832-819-390four

P.P.S. Quit being such a damned skeptic.

It worked for me. It'll work for you.
But not if you keep thinking that everything
is "too good to be true".

Sometimes things really are good.

But you make it harder for yourself when
you refuse to believe that.

Have a little faith. Things are much easier
than you've been led to believe.

See for yourself. Text/Call me now!! 832-819-390four

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